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How the College Application Wizard was Born

Long time college counselors Lynell Engelmyer and Kelly Herrington lamented the difficulty in helping high school students stay organized throughout the college admission and financial aid application processes.  Kelly uttered Apple’s simple slogan “there should be an app for that” and the idea for the College Application Wizard was born.

Lynell and Kelly have between them, over 40 years of experience in college counseling, college admissions and financial aid. The students with whom they work range a very broad economic and academic spectrum, but the one factor that challenges virtually all of them is the organizational skill required to make it through the, often cumbersome, college admissions and financial aid processes without missing any requirements or deadlines. After all, high school chemistry teaches that the universe prefers chaos to order. Teenagers are just much more in tune with the universe…

No matter their background, or intellectual ability…across the board it is a challenge to keep college-bound kids organized.

And just like that, the idea for the College Application Wizard was born.

While often not highly organized, college-bound students tend to be highly tech savy.  Kelly and Lynell decided to create an online software tool (apps themselves proved less flexible) in the tech arena that teenagers dominate. The College Application Wizard is the tool to trump the universe. Chaos becomes order when students are shown how to keep themselves organized in a language they understand: technology.

Today we’ve told you how we got started, but tomorrow, we’ll show you how you can get started with your own college application process!

Article written by Lynell

Lynell's 20 years of experience as a college counselor, consultant to The College Board, an Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Financial Aid have given her a unique insider's perspective to the college application process. She has helped countless students and parents navigate the path to college. She also volunteers her time with several non profit organizations to help low income students go to college.

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