College planning made so simple, a college organizer made so easy, it's magic. Take the stress out of the high stakes college application process.

Watch the college application process get a lot easier.  Using the College Application Wizard means knowing you have a great handle on everything that needs to be done to apply for college admission and financial aid. Your parents won’t need to nag you and you’ll eliminate that feeling that you forgot something important. College Application Wizard makes managing the entire college application process simple and stress-free!


How to Apply for College and More

Are you confused or overwhelmed by the numerous requirements in the college application process?  Are you worried about how you’ll keep everything straight?   You need College Application Wizard. The Wizard makes the entire process easier on everyone – you, your parents, and your school counselor.  The Wizard identifies and sends you reminders to tackle each task, and your parent(s) or mentors can keep tabs on your progress.  The Wizard also ensures that you know exactly what paperwork must be completed in order to receive financial aid and help you pay for college and much, much more.


Personalized Guidance

College Application Wizard is like having your own personal admission counselor guiding you through the many steps that lead to college.   Its personalized process provides additional support and help so you don’t struggle  through the maze of applying to college.


Why Choose the College Application Wizard

Not too long ago, school guidance counselors had the time to work extensively with individual students. Today, most guidance counselors have such sizable student caseloads that they no longer have adequate time to work with each student in a way that the investment in a college education requires.  That’s why you need The College Application Wizard.  It guides, reminds and helps you navigate that path to higher education.  College Application Wizard allows you to be independent and self-reliant.

There’s so much to learn and remember when it’s time for you to explore, connect, apply and pay for college. Rather than take a generic crash course in “college admissions 101″, let the Wizard be your personalized, customized guide.

Sign up today for your free College Application Wizard account which which will allow you to manage the requirements for 5 colleges. For 6-15 colleges, pay just $12.95 — less than the cost of your favorite college sweatshirt for an investment with benefits with benefits that last a lifetime!